Fine dust mask

Ground-breaking improvement upon existing hard-to-breathe through felt masks, with in-house developed special coated filter.

Composite filter that simultaneously filters fine dust and gases from car exhaust.

Polyurethane foam has a smooth feel and smears less of your make-up.

Composite filter

Endeavour Lab works to make the world a better place that is filled with first grade health detrimental cancer-causing fine dust.

We have developed an air-filter to solve the issue of uncomfortable breathing when wearing ordinary masks.

Endeavour Lab filters are composite filters that simultaneously blocks fine dust, SOx and NOx of car exhaust.

Fine dust mask (Dog)

With a design that reflects the face shape and activities of your companion animal, this mask doubles as a muzzle and fine dust mask.

Introduced a breathe-assist port so that breathing is not interfered when walking your dog.

Your companion may be smaller than a person, but the air amount inhaled per weight is higher than a human.

Product lineup in various sizes to fit various dog breeds’ characteristics and sizes.