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We will become the world's best global company with the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction with future leading technology.

In the world filled with fine dust, Endeavour Lab tries to fine a better way for clean air solution.

Endeavour Lab have developed a mask that uses new filtering technology to solve fine dust and uncomfortable breathing problems.

Special coating filter have been developed and applied to solve the uncomfortable breathing of existing mask products.

This newly developed filter is a composite filter that can simultaneously remove fine dust and gas components from automobile exhaust fumes.

Business Area

  • Fine dust mask Endeavour Lab developed innovative fine dust masks.
  • Composite filter The best solution to solve the fine dust problem
  • Fine dust mask (Dog) Introduced a breathe-assist port so that breathing is not interfered when walking your dog.

Our Vision


Endeavour Lab aims to develop as an air solution specialized company, starting with porous material filter masks.

Endeavour Lab will put into practice knowledge management through constant R&D. We will pioneer filters that combine multiple functionalities and can be utilized in various applications.

Endeavour Lab will grow past domestic markets and into Asia… And past Asia and out into the world.

Our History

  • Jan. 2018.   Patent registration of "Mask"
  • Jul. 2018.   Endeavour Lab Co., Ltd. establised.
  • Oct. 2018.   Design registration of "Mask"
  • Nov. 2018.   Certificate of Venture Business from Korean Gov.
  • Jan. 2019.   Patent registration of "Muzzle for pet dog with particulate filter"
  • Aug. 2019.   Certificate of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  • Aug. 2019.   Certificate of Techincal Achievement
  • Sep. 2019.   Patent registration of "Air purifier"